Apartment for Rent in Madeira
  Occupancy all Season long.

Madeira is known as the "Paradise of the Atlantic", often sought out by those seeking refuge from severe weather in their own countries at wintertime.  It is located in the North Atlantic Ocean 350 mi (560 km) off the coast of Morocco.  The volcanic origins of the island resulted in a fertile landscape which is now covered in a subtropical rainforest which gave it it's name 'Madeira' meaning 'wood' in Portuguese. 


hen you arrive in Madeira, take a good look around. The pleasant soothing colours invade the senses with the different shades of green set against an azure sea – the hallmark of the subtropics.

ost people who live here find that Madeira has just about the most perfect climate in the world.

t is never too hot (temperatures can get up to around 33 °C when the ‘Leste’ - East wind coming from the Sahara desert - blows for a few days every year) averaging a maximum of 24 °C during the summer months (July through to October) and a minimum of 17 °C. During the winter average temperatures drop by approximately 4 °C.

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